I have known Phil for the greater part of our lives. My wife and I own several of his works and he has exhibited at our MAC gallery in Scranton,Pa. Most importantly I have seen Phil use his Art to support the fund raising efforts of the Tree Commission, Library, and Historical Society in our hometown - West Pittston Pa. As I observe how Phil uses his art to benefit others I am reminded of a quote that former Senator George J. Mitchell made  at a commencement address "For most human beings, life, when reduced to its essence,is a never-ending search for respect . First and most important,self respect,then the respect of others. There are many ways to achieve respect but none more certain and rewarding than in service to others ... What you will find is that fulfillment in life will come ,not from acquiring things, not from leisure, not from self-indulgence. Real fulfillment in your life will come from striving with all of your physical and spiritual might for a worthwhile objective that helps others and is larger than your self interest. I hope that each of you is fortunate enough to find such an objective in your life."  We should all be as fortunate as Phil

Cliff Melberger,
"Old Friend" and Chairman of Diversified Information Technologies, Inc.

Through the camera's eye, Philip Dente makes exquisitely relevant an intriguing world that most people don't notice.  His brilliance in capturing bygone eras in contemporary time and evoking compassion through his visual commentary of the marginalized, makes a unique artistic contribution to our society. 

Shelley Pearce,
Director Global Bridge Foundation | Santa Monica, California

Phil Dente’s masterfully crafted black and white photography allows us a voyeuristic peek into his textured world of uninhabited structures, suburban landscapes & Americana. He is not only a master of composition with an eye for the unusual but what sets Phil apart is the thought process he builds into each image, subsequently creating a story within a mood. Dente has the ability to evoke  a range of emotions by creating surreal yet nostalgic atmospheres, which is exactly his intention. This can only be achieved through years of experience. Armed with only a camera, Phil Dente can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Betsy Green
Gallery Curator / Lizza Studios

I first met Phil in the late 1970's when we both enrolled as resident students at the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, Maine. I was immediately drawn to the attention to detail in his images and his overall passion for photography. Viewing Phils images can evoke a wide range of emotions. Personally, his images always seemed to trigger a long-lost memory or perhaps a fleeting moment from one's past, long forgotten. His photographs seem to capture the "soul" of an object or a place. Phil's mastery of the craft and his passion for image making continues to be an inspiration to me."

Jeff Julian,
Photographer, Fight Wire Images

The photography of Philip Dente is transportive. One is not only taken to a place, a space and a setting, but also to a remembrance. Through his images, such reminiscences can be titillating, inspiring and heartening, almost simultaneously. This, for me, is where the convergence of skill, a keen eye, creative professionalism and a sense of inner understanding mean the most. I am always happy, and usually enlightened, while viewing the artistry, craftsmanship and philosophy in Phil’s fascinating approach to seeing. Bring more of it and know that your efforts are making a difference Phil.
Les Turoczi,
Professor Emeritus, Wilkes University

I was introduced to Phil and his photos several years ago. His work....and Phil...embody the meaning behind an old saying: a photograph captures a moment in time and gives you insight into what a photographer is seeing...thinking...and feeling when a picture is taken. This is very true of Phil's work. You can look at a single picture and see layers of meaning. This talent enables Phil to transform what would be a simple snapshot in another person's hands into a work of art...an artistic statement. And by exploring this picture you are also given a guide...a new way...to view our world. Thus, a house you might have passed 100 times suddenly takes on new meaning while the light and shadows that carve a landscape reveal a hitherto hidden universe...at least to our eyes, but fortunately, not to Phil's. Going full circle, we are also afforded a glimpse into the artist and, just as important, the pattern and rhythm of life that surround us. For this and your friendship...thank you Phil.

Michael Mirabito,
Photography Marywood University

Phil Dente’s photographs are about more than the subject matter; they are nearly always about ways of seeing the world. Dente shoots through the lens of an idea. His body of work consists of groups of images that reflect a particular way of seeing. As a result, they have a lesson to teach. As you look at a shot, your first reaction might be to ask yourself, what’s going on here? The related images almost always add up to a whole greater than the sum of each part, and always they require the viewer’s thinking—not unlike the way a poem gives off ripples of insight after a close reading. Many of his images, for example, exists on two levels; beyond the beauty of shade and shape is an unspoken message about worthy old things taken for granted and discarded.  A Dente photo is a puzzle you need to solve; it requires, on some level, your participation—and as a result, it’s personal. A Dente photo is more often an implied question than an assumed answer. James Dickey said: "That could almost be cited as the definition of a poet: someone who notices and is enormously taken by things that someone else would walk by." In this sense, Phil Dente is absolutely a poet.

Dr. Patricia L. Wilk,
teacher of writing and documentary film, Paramus High School, New Jersey